Notes From Osaka

Richard Trombly – Writer and Filmmaker

Kame-chan is guest-blogging today.

Dad is pretty good to me. He keeps me warm and dry, gives me toys, feeds me well, including my favorite: steamed broccoli and hugs me often. He lets me go almost everywhere and praises me when I am good, so he praises me – alot!

There are a few things however that are, “Kame, no.”

Dad’s computer bag is, “Kame-chan, no.”

“I am a portable!”

Dad’s computer desk is, “Kame, no.”

It’s unfair that Dad should have the whole desk. This part is mine.

And the keyboard is absolutely, definitely and emphatically, “Kame, NO!”

I am camoflaged? Dad can’t see me.

I think it is unfair that the desk is, “No.” So, I used my tiger camoflage to hide behind the keyboard where he would not see me. He saw me, even through my camoflage, picked me up and set me on the floor.

Dad said I had the whole house and he needed the desk to earn cat food. I pointed out that it was very unfair that he should have the whole desk and leave me with none. He responded, “Kame, you are a cat, you do not need a desk.”

I may not need a desk but I knew I wanted a fair space, so I jumped up on the desk and sat on the very edge. Dad looked at me and saw that the deal I was making was fair. Now I had to tell him I was still was jealous that his laptop had its own bag.

I am the perfect laptop.

He picked me up, held me gently on his lap and told me, “Kame-chan, you are the perfect laptop.”

Since I am a laptop, he would buy me a carrying bag. I am very portable.